Confessions of a Christmas hater

So it is beginning to look a lot like Christmas…. bah humbug!

I don’t like Christmas. Yes, I like Jesus. I could go either way on celebrating this holiday or just skipping it. Celebrating the birth of Jesus is neither mandated or prohibited.  However,  I choose to acknowledge and put effort into it this year.

See, I don’t like Christmas because of how it was celebrated in our house growing up. It was usually celebrated with a screaming match between my parents, multiple arguments about money, my mom explaining why the gift she was given wasn’t what she wanted, and being told that where I had placed the ornaments on the tree were in the wrong place because there were to many blue next to each other, etc.

Our oldest is 3 years old this year. He remembers what was on his grandparents Christmas tree last year. He understands the concept of presents and he loves to do things with us and help us. I want to redeem this holiday in my memories and create wonderful memories in my children. I want Christmas to become a time of family unity and joy.

Tonight, we decorated the Christmas tree. He was so excited about putting the ornaments on the tree. The bottom of the tree is rather heavy on ornaments. 🙂 I let him put them wherever he wanted. My husband was holding our 19 month old and letting her help put ornaments on the top.

A new and good memory of Christmas for me to focus on and a new and good memory for my son and husband.

It’s a good life.


Great spiritual revelation…. or not?

Several people have asked Jason and I this question: “What spiritual lesson or revelation has God given you through the snakebite incident?” I find it to be a very interesting question. Does the question stem from an assumption that the purpose of the snakebite was to show us a spiritual lesson or revelation or from the idea that God always has a spiritual lesson or revelation to give us in difficult circumstances? I don’t know. Whatever the reason for the question, no I didn’t think to ask this of the questioners at the time, Jason and I were both rather blank on the answer. To this day, I still can’t tell you what great spiritual revelation or lesson it is that we have received from this event.

What I do know is that God showed Himself to be merciful, faithful, providential, and caring. He has provided where no provision was, He has sustained us through this time and the continuing on of the unknown as Jason heals. These are all things that God has always been to us. Oh sure, sometimes we forget and God needs to remind us. Had we forgotten at the time? I don’t think so but frankly that was 4 months ago. Maybe this is to help us build even more trust for something in the future. Is that what we were supposed to learn or be reminded of? Or is there a piece of the puzzle that we are still missing and waiting on?

Hmmm, why not much pain?

My husband got bit by a rattlesnake two weeks ago. He is still recovering. He can’t put his foot down yet. All the blood rushing to it makes it hurt to much. So he has basically been laying down or sitting up with his foot elevated for the last two weeks. Thankfully, overall, he hasn’t had that much pain. The nurses and doctors at the hospital kept offering him pain meds with a slight attitude of disbelief/confusion when he said he really wasn’t in that much pain. Of course his actual foot hurt, he likened it to a sting ray sting and a really bad sprain, but he was able to control the pain. I have been thinking about this. As we have been reading other people’s stories online, a large number of them have mentioned horrendous pain. Why was Jason’s experience so different? Well, I have multiple ideas that may have contributed to his lack of pain.

1. Prayer: Jason had/has literally hundreds of people praying for him

2. Excellent health: thanks to an overall lifestyle change (high fat, low sugar, low gluten and grains) the last three years, Jason’s body hasn’t been under any continual health stressors.

3. Vitamin D exposure: Jason walks to work in the morning, walks home for lunch, walks back to work after lunch, then walks home in the evening. Overall 4 (7 minute) trips back and forth in the sun. Vitamin D is key to so much of our bodies functions.

4. Self control: We believe much that the body does when sick was designed by God to actually help heal the body so we don’t pop pills or even take natural remedies at the first sign of pain or illness. Our bodies have learned to help regulate it’s response to pain through practice.

5. Of course the location of the bite, the size of the snake, and all those other individual factors would have played a role in the amount of pain.

We are so very thankful for the lack of pain and the mental clarity which comes from that. It has made this process so much easier on me as I have to deal with my own lack of mental and emotional clarity. Mommy brain and pregnant brain are real things and I have them at both at the same time! 🙂 Jason having the ability to make his own medical decisions really freed me up to take care of the house and the children. I didn’t have to be at the hospital 24/7 but could leave him as needed, knowing that he would be ok.

Our bodies=temple of Holy Ghost

God said in Genesis that He saw what He created and that it was good. More specifically, He gave us every seed yielding herb and tree for our meat (food/ for consuming) and it was good (Gen. 1:29). God also says that our body is the temple of the Holy Ghost (I Cor. 6:19) and that it isn’t ours. We don’t get to do with it whatever we want. These Scriptures, when put together, have been shaping a lot of my thinking and actions. I have begun (with the help of my husband) to flesh out how to practically apply this to my life and that of my family. I am beginning to use things like Essential Oils for healing and apple cider vinegar for prevention. Not just for my family but also for our pets. Our diet is more restrictive then the average American in some ways and much more open in others. I have begun to realize how limiting “modern” medicine is and how much it is based on the concept of evolution (again with the help of my husband). I thank God for modern medicine. It has saved and helped many a life, especially in extreme and horrific circumstance, but I don’t believe as a Christian that it should be my automatic go-to in everyday situations. Instead, I should be relying on what God has created and His wisdom in providing for us through His creation. Then, if needed, I can look to what man has created and see what, through his God-given intelligence, he has invented that would be honouring to God and helpful for my family.

Reason for the Title, A Good Life

I titled this blog, The Good Life, for several reasons. In no particular order, here are those reasons:

1. I couldn’t think of anything snappy, witty, smart, or funny. It’s short, sweet, simple, and to the point. A bit like me, minus the sweet part but that depends on who you are asking.

2. It’s accurate. I have a good life. A godly husband who loves me. Two beautiful, sweet, and healthy children, with a third one of the way. The ability and knowledge to buy high quality food to keep us healthy. The ability and desire to stay home and raise our children. No debt. I could go on forever because there are so many reasons that it is a good life.

3. Even if none of those things above were true, it would be a good life. Why? Because when God created me, He created something good. He has given me a physical life as well as a spiritual life. I am redeemed and not destined to a life of slavery to sin, therefore, if everything and everyone in my life were horrible, I can hold on and know that, because I am redeemed and have a good God, then I have a good life. Now, hopefully, I can apply that knowledge to my life. I pray things will never go horribly wrong to test that knowledge and application but you have permission to remind me of what I wrote, in case that does happen.

In the Beginning

God has it easy. When He creates something, it is always perfect and good. Me, not so much. This is the beginning of my blog. Let’s see how the creation goes. Welcome and hope you enjoy or read, or if not enjoy at least read, or if not that at least get mad at me and tell someone else about that stupid blog you half read and then maybe they will read it. Ok, that was a nice run on sentence. Time for me to run on off to bed soon.