Hmmm, why not much pain?

My husband got bit by a rattlesnake two weeks ago. He is still recovering. He can’t put his foot down yet. All the blood rushing to it makes it hurt to much. So he has basically been laying down or sitting up with his foot elevated for the last two weeks. Thankfully, overall, he hasn’t had that much pain. The nurses and doctors at the hospital kept offering him pain meds with a slight attitude of disbelief/confusion when he said he really wasn’t in that much pain. Of course his actual foot hurt, he likened it to a sting ray sting and a really bad sprain, but he was able to control the pain. I have been thinking about this. As we have been reading other people’s stories online, a large number of them have mentioned horrendous pain. Why was Jason’s experience so different? Well, I have multiple ideas that may have contributed to his lack of pain.

1. Prayer: Jason had/has literally hundreds of people praying for him

2. Excellent health: thanks to an overall lifestyle change (high fat, low sugar, low gluten and grains) the last three years, Jason’s body hasn’t been under any continual health stressors.

3. Vitamin D exposure: Jason walks to work in the morning, walks home for lunch, walks back to work after lunch, then walks home in the evening. Overall 4 (7 minute) trips back and forth in the sun. Vitamin D is key to so much of our bodies functions.

4. Self control: We believe much that the body does when sick was designed by God to actually help heal the body so we don’t pop pills or even take natural remedies at the first sign of pain or illness. Our bodies have learned to help regulate it’s response to pain through practice.

5. Of course the location of the bite, the size of the snake, and all those other individual factors would have played a role in the amount of pain.

We are so very thankful for the lack of pain and the mental clarity which comes from that. It has made this process so much easier on me as I have to deal with my own lack of mental and emotional clarity. Mommy brain and pregnant brain are real things and I have them at both at the same time! 🙂 Jason having the ability to make his own medical decisions really freed me up to take care of the house and the children. I didn’t have to be at the hospital 24/7 but could leave him as needed, knowing that he would be ok.