The Joy of Isolation

Recently, the Lord had me in a period of isolation. Recently, as in it is ending tomorrow.

Two weeks ago, my oldest son woke with some nasty pink eye. Time to invoke quarantine. I was able to get out here and there, like church, for a brief time, but I couldn’t go anywhere with the kids.

Four days later, in the late evening, I was told some rough and painful news. Too late to call any friends. The next morning, my other three children woke with pink eye.

All events canceled. Four fussy children to care for. I didn’t have time to call anyone. So I did the only thing I could do, lean on the Lord.

Oh wait! THAT is what I needed to do. I see!

For two weeks, I have been in isolation from friends and from leaving the house. But for two weeks the communion with the Lord has been joyful. The words of affirmation, love and affection have been a balm to my soul. The songs of praise He has been bringing to my mind and my lips, have been uplifting. The songs on the radio, or my children’s music cd’s, have been timely. His Word has been confirming and spot on. It has reminded me of His peace and His mercy.

I have to wonder. Would I have had the same communion with the Lord if I hadn’t been in isolation? The Lord knows that I have a failing, a weakness, a propensity to seek human counseling and affirmation before I seek His. The Lord knew that I would need Him, that I would need to hear His voice, that I would need to feel His touch. How gracious He was to me, to put me in isolation, so that all the noise would be gone. Sometimes that noise is truthful and affirming but can still be noise that distracts me from what should be my main source of comfort, the Lord.

Do you need to feel the touch of the Lord, to hear Him, to know you are loved, beautiful, and important? Try a little isolation.

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