Combating the Lies

My little girl turns 4 on Saturday. We had a birthday celebration last week. One of the presents she received was a dress with flowers, lace and pink. She loves it and I can barely get it off of her. Today she asked if I liked her when she was wearing her dress. It made my heart hurt.

You see, we are already having to combat the lie that she is beautiful based on what she wears. We are having to combat the lie that how God created her is not enough.

It is so hard to take her into public because she gets comments all the time about how beautiful her hair is, or how pretty she looks. Rarely does someone mention a character trait.

You see, my daughter has deep insecurities. She doesn’t feel good enough. She isn’t secure in the knowledge that she is an image bearer of Christ and that her value is that God created her and she was made in His image.

Don’t let the world lie to your daughter (and your son for that matter) and tell them that they are only special when they look a certain way, or wear certain clothes, or have certain skills or aspirations. Combat the lies with the truth. Tell your daughter she is beautiful because God created her, tell her that beauty comes from a heart that wants to please God, and yes, also tell her she is pretty and has pretty hair but that she is loved no matter what color her hair is or if she even has hair.


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  1. A friend of mine made a paper basket on her fridge with magnets of the fruit of the spirit. When the noticed their grandson being thoughtful and kind while playing, they quietly called him aside, recognized the kind action and had him add the kindness fruit to the basket. I thought it was a fun way to encourage him and to develop mindfulness in his actions and attitudes.

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