Jachin update, May

Well we met with the pediatric endocrinologist. It wasn’t useless but it wasn’t super helpful either. She wrote a script for more in depth thyroid bloodwork. In April, his TSH was the highest it has been at 9.6. This bloodwork, about a month later, showed that all his thyroid levels were NORMAL! That is right, normal for the first time on any of his bloodwork in the last year and a half.

Now Jason and I have always felt that his thyroid levels were a symptom of the stress that was on his body and not a primary cause of anything so the levels stabilizing seem to indicate that that is probably true. We don’t know which of the many supplements and essential oils that he has been on, or his diet, was the specific reason for the normal levels or if it was the combo but either way, we will take the good news and praise God.

We also got the results back from the OATS test and talked with the naturopath about that. The results were a mixed bag. He does have some markers for a candida/yeast/gut bacteria infection. It doesn’t look to be super bad though as he does also have some healthy gut bacteria. He did have multiple markers in other areas off so, unfortunately, the naturopath does not feel that we have found the “smoking gun” so to speak and that we need to continue to pursue the root cause.

The naturopath feels that we should test for heavy metal toxicity and if that is negative then chemical toxicity. Since the thyroid levels have stabilized, at this point we will probably put a hold on the endocrinologist so that our resources can be used towards the heavy metal testing. That just involves getting a hair sample and sending it into the lab.

Today was an amazing day with Jachin. Last night he slept 11 hours, he took a 2.5 hour nap, and after the nap he said about 6 new words. He was pleasant, cheerful, and much more cooperative today. He also gave hugs and kisses. It was a good day!

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