I have been contemplating humbleness lately. Why? Because as I learn about evils in the world, that although not new, are new to me, then I come to a crisis of sorts. If I acknowledge and believe that something is evil, that I have never known about before, then I have to acknowledge and feel grief about the people I know who have committed such evil. They may have committed that evil out of ignorance and not out of maliciousness but evil is evil and wrong is wrong. So, my question then is do we, do I, have the humbleness to acknowledge and apply what I have learned to my life? Can I be okay emotionally and spiritually knowing what I now know? If the time comes when it is shown to me that my actions in the past were evil or wrong in some way, do I have the spiritual maturity to repent?

I think this is something lacking in the American church. If we say something is evil and we know Christians who have committed that evil, we feel that we are saying that that person is evil, or bad, or wrong. Well, they are wrong. Why is that bad? Why is it bad to grow in the Lord, grow in knowledge, repent of past actions (whatever the reason for committing them), learn and change? Isn’t that part of the refining, the sanctifying process?

We, the Church, I, need humbleness. I need to be able to be reproached, to be taught, to be challenged to do what is right, to repent of the past, to grow.

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