I Have A Dream

I have dreams for my children.

I want them to grow up and be known as those who “turned the world upside down”.

I have a dream for my children that when they grow up, and if it is still legal, they will band together to fight and defeat the great sin of abortion.

And this, this is why we homeschool. Because we don’t have time to send them to school. I don’t have time for them to be gone 8 hours a day. I don’t have time to work outside of the home.

There is so much that I need to to teach them. I need to pour everything into them. I need them to learn the word of God, I need them to be able to practice on their brothers and sister. They need time to learn to love their neighbor as themselves. They need to learn to resolve conflict. They need to learn compassion, justice, forgiveness, contentment, truth, stewardship, love, and righteous anger. They need to see me make mistakes, to sin, and then repent. They need to see me do hard and impossible things and learn to give the glory to God. They need to see me struggle through life but be victorious through Christ. They need to learn to clean a toilet, do laundry, clean a floor, cook, and wait patiently for others,

There is NO TIME. Do you feel the urgency? I can’t afford to miss one opportunity to live life with my children, to prepare them and to train them. If I do my job correctly, this world will hate them. I have to prepare them for that. They need a firm foundation so when their world rocks, they will not sink.

Oh God help me!

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