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Jachin: An update

Hello everyone!
Jachin is doing fabulously right now. He has been feeling great and we have really enjoyed seeing and experiencing his personality.

Jachin is sleeping 11-12 hours straight! This is a HUGE change. Sometimes during the day he takes an hour nap, depending on what time he got up. In general, his sleep schedule right now is 7:30-7:00. We were able to get his TSH stabilized in April, via supplements, and that is when his sleep starting improving. In August, we adjusted his sleep schedule and that improved his nights even more.

Jachin is eating EVERYTHING in site. For the most part, I prefer scheduled eating times but Jachin needs something different so we have had to make some adjustments. He grazes. Within about 30 minutes of breakfast, he starts eating again. He almost always has food on the table that he is in the process of eating. He isn’t allowed to take the food around the house and has to sit down at the table to eat it. (We have to have some manners). His digestion has normalized. His stools rarely have undigested food in them and his stomach is rarely distended after eating. The biggest difference is that he WANTS to eat. It was always a battle to get him to eat and now he won’t stop. Anyone need a 2 year old to do some work around the house for them to help him pay for his food? We are sooo going broke. 🙂

We recently went to the pediatrician and they did a urine sample. His urine was free of protein and ketones. In April, both were in his urine and there was a concern that he might have Type 1 diabetes. Therefore, we were overjoyed to see the results of this latest urine test.

For the first time in 10 months, Jachin has gained weight!!!  He has reached 25 pounds. This is awesome!! I have noticed that some of his shirts are getting smaller. I am excited about this as I am sooo tired of his wardrobe. 🙂

How is Jachin developmentally?

His mental development has all but caught up. He is counting, singing ABC’s, and naming shapes and colors. His speech is also clearing up quite a bit. He is using full sentences (his first full sentence was “I do not want to obey”), and has become understandable to more people than just us.

His physical development is still behind. We estimate that he is about 1 year behind on his physical growth. The good news is that his weight gain has triggered his 2 year molars to come in. Getting excited about teething seems a bit weird but boy are we excited! We aren’t too worried about his size though as long as everything else is still going well. He was 1 percentile for height and 2 percentile for weight in August. We estimate that as long as this upward trend continues, it will take about 2 years for him to catch up physically.

What supplements is he getting?
We have been able to reduce a lot of his supplements which helps my stress level. He is still getting a supplement to treat candida. We are giving him a glutathione supplement (this was low in one of his tests), he is getting an anti-oxidant drink with some essential oils in it, a good multi-vitamin with minerals and amino acids, an iron supplement, and a good probiotic. That is it. Five months ago, he was on about triple the number of supplements.

So, what is next?

We received the results of his heavy metals testing. He did have high levels of some heavy metals but they had not reached the toxic levels. We will begin treating him with essential oils to help his body pull out and detox the heavy metals. I have been reticent to start this as he is so happy and often when you start detoxing, it can cause behavioral issues. In the long run, it will be better for him to get those high levels out of his body so we will just have to bite the bullet and start.

Re-test.  A lot of re-testing. We need to re-test him to see if his candida levels have lowered, re-test his blood to check his iron and TSH, and re-test his heavy metals levels after treatment. All this testing will be done around the end of October and throughout the month of November. He turns 3 at the end of November and I would like to have fresh information on everything by then.

So any luck on the finding the root cause? You know, I have a hypothesis. I am not sure there is one specific root cause. I am leaning more towards the idea that there was a domino effect. He didn’t want solids and refused to eat them until I finally made him around 9 months. I don’t think he was getting enough nutrition and this caused some deficiencies in minerals and vitamins. In turn, this would have lowered his immune system which would have allowed the candida to grow. Candida eats glutathione which is in your brain and helps your body detox. He couldn’t detox the heavy metals that he was getting from his normal environment. He wasn’t digesting well and it hurt his stomach to eat. Oxalates are a by-product of candida and it settles in the joints. His levels were extremely high and were probably causing him pain. His body was under stress which can affect your thyroid, etc. etc. I can’t prove this hypothesis but that is what I am thinking happened. As we have been addressing individual symptoms and issues, we have been able to see him improve so much and that is what matters. If there is a root cause that we haven’t found, then so be it and hopefully one day we will. Right now, I can tell you he is happy, full of life, intelligent, strong-willed, and healing. Therefore, we will continue on the path we are on, until or if, we need to change it.

Love is Tough

3:00 a.m

I am laying in my husband’s arms crying as Jachin is in his room screaming, “MOMMY, MOMMY”.

The last two weeks Jachin has not been sleeping. He won’t stay in his bed when we put him to bed in the evening. In the evenings, it usually takes around an hour of continuously putting him back to bed for him to go to sleep. Then he was waking up anytime between 1-5 a.m. He wouldn’t stay in his bed and can’t go back to sleep. He then won’t nap more than an hour during the day. We have tried everything we can think of to keep him in bed. The only way we have found to keep him in his bed is if one of us lays on the floor next to his bed for the rest of the night. Usually it has to be Jason because I am still getting up at night to feed the baby. Jason really needed some sleep so this night I got up with Jachin. I got the pack n play out to put him in. As I am laying him down, he starts screaming and grabbing on to me, I tell him that I love him enough to do this. He needs sleep. The household needs sleep.

It was tough. So tough. Love is tough. Love is doing what has to be done for the best of the other person. “Love your neighbor as yourself” does not mean you have to love yourself first before you are capable of loving someone else. It actually is assuming you already love yourself, which we all do, and therefore, we should love our neighbors as if they were ourselves. My son is my neighbor.

It was tough to not get up and go get him. I so badly wanted to go comfort my baby. Instead, I took a blanket and pillow and laid on the couch and prayed that God would comfort him and help him stop. The Lord was gracious and he only screamed about 20 minutes.

Love is tough. Sacrificing sleep for the well being of my children is tough.

Jachin was able to go back to sleep that night and the next day was semi-okay. I emailed our naturopath (subject line: I am going insane), and he responded within an hour. He said his guess would be that Jachin’s new supplements are working but are causing a die-off, detox, reaction that his liver just can’t handle. Therefore, stop all supplements for a week and take 2 liver supporters called “Calm” and “Sleepy”. Then slowly add back in the other supplements. The last 2 nights Jachin has gotten up at 5 a.m. and gone back to sleep and then this morning he got up at 6:15. Tonight he only got up once after we put him to bed and then went straight to sleep.

Love is tough.


The next day Jachin learned to climb out of the pack n play.


Jachin update, May

Well we met with the pediatric endocrinologist. It wasn’t useless but it wasn’t super helpful either. She wrote a script for more in depth thyroid bloodwork. In April, his TSH was the highest it has been at 9.6. This bloodwork, about a month later, showed that all his thyroid levels were NORMAL! That is right, normal for the first time on any of his bloodwork in the last year and a half.

Now Jason and I have always felt that his thyroid levels were a symptom of the stress that was on his body and not a primary cause of anything so the levels stabilizing seem to indicate that that is probably true. We don’t know which of the many supplements and essential oils that he has been on, or his diet, was the specific reason for the normal levels or if it was the combo but either way, we will take the good news and praise God.

We also got the results back from the OATS test and talked with the naturopath about that. The results were a mixed bag. He does have some markers for a candida/yeast/gut bacteria infection. It doesn’t look to be super bad though as he does also have some healthy gut bacteria. He did have multiple markers in other areas off so, unfortunately, the naturopath does not feel that we have found the “smoking gun” so to speak and that we need to continue to pursue the root cause.

The naturopath feels that we should test for heavy metal toxicity and if that is negative then chemical toxicity. Since the thyroid levels have stabilized, at this point we will probably put a hold on the endocrinologist so that our resources can be used towards the heavy metal testing. That just involves getting a hair sample and sending it into the lab.

Today was an amazing day with Jachin. Last night he slept 11 hours, he took a 2.5 hour nap, and after the nap he said about 6 new words. He was pleasant, cheerful, and much more cooperative today. He also gave hugs and kisses. It was a good day!

I Miss My Son

I miss my son

I miss his smiles and laughter

Instead he frowns

I miss his singing and dancing

Instead he screams

I miss his clowning around

Instead he hits

I miss his hugs and kisses

Instead he fights

I miss his joy

Instead he cries

I miss my son

Jachin’s Story update

This last month, things have not been going well.

We had some bloodwork done and it is showing that he is still not healing. We all agree that the quality of food he is getting is fine but something is wrong with his gut and his ability to absorb the nutrients in the food that he is eating. Now we have to discover the cause.

At his last appointment, the doctor recommended seeing a pediatric endocronoligst. We were able to find one and Jachin has an appointment May 8th. The doctor also recommended that we consider getting him checked out for Cystic Fibrosis. This was a bit scary to hear especially since Jason had a friend in college who died from this disease. Cystic Fibrosis is basically a genetic disease where your body is full of mucous. It can attack the lungs (Jachin’s lungs are fine), or the gut and the pancreas.

Also at the appointment, we were able to get a urine sample and Jachin had ketones and protein in his urine. Now we are also getting him checked out for Type 1 diabetes.

We did a urine test through the naturopath called the OATS test. The Organic Acids Test. This checks for 77 different markers in the gut especially for candida and gut infections. We will be getting the results back on that soon.

There is also the chance that he has a problem with his pituitary gland which could be a cause of his issues.

So right now we have him on many supplements and essential oils, as well as a semi-strict diet. Since he has a problem digesting food, we are trying to give him very light foods that are easy to digest. Foods that we are trying to keep him away from are dairy, grains, bananas, dried fruit, soy, and msg. As a family we also don’t eat Biblically unclean foods. Not because of spiritual reasons but because those animals are all gross when you study them and God was pretty smart in telling us to not eat them.

How is Jachin right now? Well to be honest, the last month he has been a bit of a mess. Jason potty trained him and Jachin is already trying to night potty train himself, so he has been up frequently at night. He also doesn’t feel well so he doesn’t sleep well and he is very obstinate (plus he is 2), and has a difficult time controlling his emotions and obeying.

So the house has been in a bit of an uproar and we are all just trying to get along and love our neighbor as ourselves. There have been short tempers and frustration for everyone and then apologizes, hugs and kisses.

Jachin’s Story part 5

So what now and how is Jachin? Jachin is night and day different. He has caught up on teeth, getting ready to get his 2 year molars, he has over 60 words now, up from 1 word a year ago, napping 2 hours most days, sleeping 12 hours most nights, will go into the toddler room at church without crying, and eating better. He is on about 7 different supplements. We still have nights were he doesn’t sleep well and days were he follows me around screaming but it isn’t every day and sometimes we go weeks without a bad night. We test his bloodwork about every 3 months to make sure his vitamin d and iron levels are stable and to check his thyroid levels. Care has mostly transferred to a naturopath, don’t worry we are still seeing the pediatrician :). The protein push we did early on helped greatly but it is stressing his kidneys and he doesn’t need protein as much so we are able to back off of that and give him a more balanced diet. Currently saving up for a test called The Organic Acid Test (OATS) to test for candida and other intestinal bacteria or issues. We still don’t know what the initial cause of the failure to thrive was. Initially we just had to focus on symptom management but now that the initial danger is over and the symptoms mostly contained, we can focus on a cause and a long term solution. So thankful for a husband that has been there every step of the way. He took off work for every appointment, was there for every time Jachin needed bloodwork drawn, came home from work and took care of the kids and the house so I could go to bed, loved me and our family so well. What a godly example of service and sacrifice!

Jachin’s Story part 4

So what does failure to thrive feel like? For Jachin, being tired, being hungry, scared when separated from mommy and daddy (no toddler room at church for him for a longgggg time), frustrated with the lack of ability to communicate and with others for not understanding him. For Kaya, middle child syndrome, feels unimportant and ignored. For Torin, being the oldest, feels unfair. Still needs mommy but is pushed to do more and more alone, to “figure” it out himself because mommy has to try and get Jachin to eat right now. For mommy, guilt as she considers what she did wrong or didn’t do right, when pregnant, that could have contributed to her child’s lack of growth, guilt that she didn’t notice the problem earlier, frustration that she can’t spend more time and attention on her other kids, sadness that when her husband comes home she can barely smile at him because she is so tired, and fear that it will happen again with her next child. For Jason, the weight of the world, as head of the family, is on his shoulders. Thankful for a God that loves and upholds us through our emotional struggles, that speaks truth through His word and others, and that cares about the day to day needs of our lives, that has a purpose for our lives and circumstances.

Jachin’s Story part 3

So once your child has been diagnosed failure to thrive, what do you do? Well again, for our child, the most important thing we did was immediately get bloodwork done “the life is in the blood” according to the Bible. Jachin’s bloodwork showed that he was severely iron, vitamin d, and protein deficient. He had multiple other levels that were off, either high or low. So began the “protein” push. I made a high protein, with meat, meal/puree for Jachin every 3 hours and made him eat something. Smaller meals more frequently. Then began the supplements iron, cod liver oil, vitamin d drops, probiotics, liquid multi-vitamin, etc. I can’t even remember at this point everything we did. Thankful for the fact that Jason and I had already spent several years learning about health and how the body works so our level of research was a much lower burden then it would have otherwise been.

Jachin’s Story part 2

What does failure to thrive look like? Well for our son, it was low weight gain or weight loss, lost ability to speak and regressed back to only speaking his first word “dada”, stopped napping and wouldn’t sleep through the night which led to being too tired to eat, which led to not sleeping, stopped teething so harder to eat more dense and hardy foods, separation anxiety, constant neediness and a myriad of other things. Of course looking back, we can now see how all of those were symptoms but when you are so tired, and constantly in the situation, it is difficult to see outside and look in to see the connection. This is one of the reasons community is so important. Thankful for Christy ‘Robbins’ Geaslen who was my ‘bouncing ideas off of” buddy and was able to give me an outside perspective and see that things were off because she saw Jachin on a routine basis at play date.

Jachin’s Story part 1

This last year has been a very rough season for my family. November 2015 we realized that Jachin (our 3rd) wasn’t gaining weight very well. In January, we took him to the pediatrician. She had us bring him back in February. At that time, he was diagnosed “failure to thrive”. He had actually lost 2 pounds in that month between January and February. This last year has been filled with doctor’s visits, supplements, bloodwork, trying all sorts of new schedules for him, frustration, worry, and exhaustion. I (Anne) was also pregnant and then had a newborn through this journey. He is doing so much better now but we are still working on his health and every day I never know what kind of child will wake up. The one who is feeling off, which is usually accompanied by a day full of him screaming, or a child who feels well which is usually a day full of giggles, laughter, dancing, singing, hugs and kisses. To top it all off, he is now 2 years old so it is sometimes hard to figure out if the behavior is typical 2 year old stubbornness or a 2 year old who doesn’t feel well. It has been a long journey, which isn’t over yet, but the road looks a little less bumpy in the future. We will be doing more bloodwork at the beginning of March. So thankful for Healthy Kids Pediatrics, Dr. Rebecca Martin and Agape Clinic, and Vaughn Lawrence of Spirit of Health who have helped us, and are still helping us, take care of our precious little boy. Thankful for the women of our church, Calvary Chapel Rock Harvest, as they prayed with me and hugged me during these rough days and nights.