My favorite baby things

Tis the season!

To be pregnant!

I have a number of friends who are currently pregnant. Several of them are first time mom’s so I decided to write a post about my favourite baby things. Therefore, they can all come here to look at the list instead of me repeatedly sending it out.

There are two lists. The first is the quick mini list of my “must” haves. The list following contains various links, more information and comments about some of the various items.

1st list:
Aden and Anais Muslim Swaddle Blankets
Graco pack n play with bassinet
Dresser with changing table conversion piece
Diapers 🙂
Pampers Sensitive wipes (softest and work well)
Fisher Price booster high chair
Oxo baby spoons
Bright Starts lots of links
Stacking cups toy
Bright Starts take’n shake toy
Moby wrap (over the K’tan only because you can use it for heavier children)
Britax car seat
Safe Sippy 2
Boudreaux’s Butt Paste in the green box.
2nd list:



(Now normally we don’t give our kids anything will flashing lights as I believe the lights are to fast for their brain to process, however, this toy is sooo fun and they love it so we waited until they were at least a year old to give it to them)


Now in this category you just have to look and see what you like best but for car seats I love Britax (wonderful reviews, we love ours), for pack n play’s I really like Graco, swings or bouncy seats it is just a matter of reading reviews and finding the one you like.
For a baby carrier, again there is a huge variety out there. Look around and find the one you like best. In general, especially when they are little, you want one that keeps the babies knees up above their bum, instead of hanging down straight. It is better for their pelvis. Try out all your friends carriers with kids in them and see which one you like best.
I like the Baby K’tan for when they are little. I haven’t really found “the one” for when they are older but I have a Moby, which I like, and am going to try and learn how to use it for heavier children.
For a stroller, nothing beats the ease of a bike stroller:
This is similar to the one we have. It doesn’t work well in crowds due to the arm sticking straight out or for running errands but for going on walks it is wonderful. So smooth.
I like the Medela hand pump.
Dr. Brown’s glass bottles are wonderful. We prefer to use as little as plastic as possible, especially for something that will be holding warm liquids.
I make all of our own baby food. I loved the mash and serve bowl.
I was using a knock off version of the Magic Bullet to make baby food. It worked okay. It was free. This time around I was given the NUK smoothie and baby food maker. I haven’t used it yet but am excited to try it. If I am making a large batch of food to freeze, I just use the Vitamix.
Oxo spoons are great. They are my husband’s favorite. They are deep so the food stays in it better when the children are learning to feed themselves. They are also silicone not plastic.
Burpy bibs are awesome! They cover the shoulder which keeps more of the baby clean.
For self-feeding a bib with a pocket is ideal. I haven’t found the “perfect” brand. I do know that it is nice to sometimes put the burpy bib under the pocket bib for even more coverage.
Sippy cup for water. LOVE this. Stainless steel and silicone. We skipped the sippy part and taught our kids straight to the straw so I can’t tell you how it works for the sippy part.
Absolute best things ever: Aden and Anais Muslim Swaddle blankets. I use these for nursing covers, swaddle blankets, blankets, for burping, car seat cover. Everything! Love them!!!!
Depending on your child, some children need to be very tightly swaddled to sleep. For that I use the Summer Infant Swaddles. I have heard that the miracle swaddle is great but I already had the Summer Infant brand.
If your child doesn’t need to be swaddled and you are concerned about them kicking off their blanket, Halo Sleepsacks are awesome.
Read the book, Babywise. People seem to either hate this book or love it. If you take it to strictly, you will hate it. However, read it and take out the parts that will work well for you. It was perfect for our oldest son and not that applicable for our 2nd child. We found a lot of helpful information in the book.
The trick here is to buy versatile things. A crib that converts into a toddler bed or a dresser that has the ability to convert to a changing table are a better use of your space and money.
For a high chair, we use and love this booster seat from fisher price. It is portable and doesn’t take up much space. Easy to clean and can be used for a long time.
Well, that’s all folks. I hope this list is helpful.