Jachin’s Story update

This last month, things have not been going well.

We had some bloodwork done and it is showing that he is still not healing. We all agree that the quality of food he is getting is fine but something is wrong with his gut and his ability to absorb the nutrients in the food that he is eating. Now we have to discover the cause.

At his last appointment, the doctor recommended seeing a pediatric endocronoligst. We were able to find one and Jachin has an appointment May 8th. The doctor also recommended that we consider getting him checked out for Cystic Fibrosis. This was a bit scary to hear especially since Jason had a friend in college who died from this disease. Cystic Fibrosis is basically a genetic disease where your body is full of mucous. It can attack the lungs (Jachin’s lungs are fine), or the gut and the pancreas.

Also at the appointment, we were able to get a urine sample and Jachin had ketones and protein in his urine. Now we are also getting him checked out for Type 1 diabetes.

We did a urine test through the naturopath called the OATS test. The Organic Acids Test. This checks for 77 different markers in the gut especially for candida and gut infections. We will be getting the results back on that soon.

There is also the chance that he has a problem with his pituitary gland which could be a cause of his issues.

So right now we have him on many supplements and essential oils, as well as a semi-strict diet. Since he has a problem digesting food, we are trying to give him very light foods that are easy to digest. Foods that we are trying to keep him away from are dairy, grains, bananas, dried fruit, soy, and msg. As a family we also don’t eat Biblically unclean foods. Not because of spiritual reasons but because those animals are all gross when you study them and God was pretty smart in telling us to not eat them.

How is Jachin right now? Well to be honest, the last month he has been a bit of a mess. Jason potty trained him and Jachin is already trying to night potty train himself, so he has been up frequently at night. He also doesn’t feel well so he doesn’t sleep well and he is very obstinate (plus he is 2), and has a difficult time controlling his emotions and obeying.

So the house has been in a bit of an uproar and we are all just trying to get along and love our neighbor as ourselves. There have been short tempers and frustration for everyone and then apologizes, hugs and kisses.

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