Jachin’s Story part 5

So what now and how is Jachin? Jachin is night and day different. He has caught up on teeth, getting ready to get his 2 year molars, he has over 60 words now, up from 1 word a year ago, napping 2 hours most days, sleeping 12 hours most nights, will go into the toddler room at church without crying, and eating better. He is on about 7 different supplements. We still have nights were he doesn’t sleep well and days were he follows me around screaming but it isn’t every day and sometimes we go weeks without a bad night. We test his bloodwork about every 3 months to make sure his vitamin d and iron levels are stable and to check his thyroid levels. Care has mostly transferred to a naturopath, don’t worry we are still seeing the pediatrician :). The protein push we did early on helped greatly but it is stressing his kidneys and he doesn’t need protein as much so we are able to back off of that and give him a more balanced diet. Currently saving up for a test called The Organic Acid Test (OATS) to test for candida and other intestinal bacteria or issues. We still don’t know what the initial cause of the failure to thrive was. Initially we just had to focus on symptom management but now that the initial danger is over and the symptoms mostly contained, we can focus on a cause and a long term solution. So thankful for a husband that has been there every step of the way. He took off work for every appointment, was there for every time Jachin needed bloodwork drawn, came home from work and took care of the kids and the house so I could go to bed, loved me and our family so well. What a godly example of service and sacrifice!

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